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At the BFPA we specialise in what it takes to be completely in tune.

This PDF will show you exercises to alleviate and prevent lower back pain.
The Barefoot Deep Squat or otherwise known as the Camp Fire Squat is what kept our whole body mobile for over a million years. When did you last squat properly?
A lifetime of movement to heal common injuries and prevent; increase and maintain mobilty, strength, coordination and skill


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Rollo has been training me for a few months in learning how to run barefoot. He is the perfect teacher. He has implemented a detailed plan covering every aspect of technique. I didn't find it easy at all and he has been patient and motivational throughout.

Neil Mendoza, Chairman at The Landmark Trust

Firstly I wanted to say thank you for a truly awesome, life-transforming 6 weeks. I have really enjoyed it and feel like I am more acutely aware of what my body can and should be able to do. As I said the other day, at the point of paying you it felt like a bit of gamble as we¹d never met and the cost felt like it was as high as I was prepared to go to. On reflection I¹d say it was the best £720 I have ever spent. The amount of knowledge and skills transfer was phenomenal. It has completely changed my perspective on, amongst other things, running, recovery and injury.

Max Cruzon-Hope, Financial.

The 6 week package (Prerequisite the Core Running 1 day Workshop), Nov 2011

Just back from an Alpine holiday where, of course, I took the opportunity to do some hill training. You may recall that my motivation for coming to you was to stop injuring my calves when I went down hill. After several months of training in POSE, I'm over the moon to say that I could tackle the steepest tracks without any problems at all. in other words, you've cured me!

John Durkin, Podiatrist. Owner of Active Life Podiatry Core

Running 1 day Workshop, June 2011

This is a place where the athlete, sports enthusiast, the over trained or injured athlete will transform his or her performance, and achieve a new personal best.

The Barefoot Performance Academy

Founded by Rollo Mahon, and bringing together a deep understanding of biomechanics, sports therapy, movement and spatial awareness coaching, we operate at the forefront of barefoot science.

Our specialisms include:

  • • Movement & Running Technique Analysis
  • • Applied Functional Science in Sports Rehabilitation
  • • Movement & Running Technique Coaching
  • • Running Specific Strength Training
  • • Sports Movement Development Coaching

Our core values are based on movement, skill, nutrition and recovery, and our coaching adopts a holistic approach of body, mind and personal belief system. It is what we call the art of physical intelligence.

Acquiring this art leads the athlete to excellence.


We help athletes and enthusiasts of all levels maximise their true potential. Our holistic approach to coaching, nurtures the ‘physical intelligence’ of mind, body and belief that will set your performance free.

In the process we:

  • • Eliminate common running injuries
  • • Radically transform your running skill and performance
  • • Reduce recovery time
  • • Gain true efficiencies of movement
  • • Rediscover the pleasure and power of running freely
  • • Gain skills of movement, belief and efficiency that enhance everyday wellbeing and performance

Barefoot running is about getting in touch with and tapping into our body’s true natural potential. A four year-old has a greater strength than the trained adult athlete (based on strength to weight ratio). Children move freely and intuitively in a spirit of exploration and play. A spirit that is later suppressed by over thinking, over coaching, and imposed biomechanical changes.

We help you rediscover this spirit. Our coaching system applies scientific principles of anatomy, movement and neuroscience to help your body relearn how to run, enhancing your performance and making running a natural expression of physical joy again.

Much like the ancient Greek’s, by achieving holistic balance is the key to success in performance. Throwing a javelin is one of the truest motions a human can achieve. It is the art of learning to throw straight. A similar truth to movement and focus is at the heart of what we do.

We believe the skill of running is the underlying foundation to a human’s physical development and governs the skill of all other movements.

The foot is a mechanical masterpiece. It evolved into a complex three-dimensional elastic, sensory lever system that transfers vibration up through the body to allow it to move freely. Our techniques tap into the control centre of you body, the nervous system.

All the body’s movements are controlled by the body’s Proprioceptive System (nervous system), which uses stretch and pressure receptors situated in our muscles, joints and skin to inform our brain how we are interacting with our environment. The foot has a large pool of receptors, more than any other limb. It allows our body to sense its position and orientation. The keener that sense (feedback), the better the movement and balance.

Whilst the foot does need protection, the thicker the protection the less feedback you will get. Science now suggests the thicker the sole, especially anything over 4mm, will diminish the sensory feedback and so affects the skill of movement.

Barefoot running is the quickest way to reconnect the body to its true centre of balance. This helps transform performance on and off the playing field.

Our initial assessment looks at the natural and correct biomechanics of humans. This allows immediate transfer in rehabilitation and performance goals.

We use barefoot training as a re-setting tool. It allows us to utilise maximum sensory feedback to reconnect the physical being to the correct function. A key part of this is encouraging the foot to change from heel striking to a fore foot striking action.

Once we have ‘reset’ your body, we advise shoes that allow an unrestricted yet protected experience. Feet were not designed like the paws of dogs or hoofs of horses and therefore we have always protected them throughout our conscious evolution. This will give you peace of mind and better performance. The trick is to allow your foot the optimum feedback for any given terrain.

Changing from heel striking to a fore foot strike happens in under three minutes on hard terrain. The harder the surface, the quicker the change. However, muscles that have not been used before with this new style will have to go through an adaption phase. We recommend a slow build up to mileage starting only with technique running drills and lots of walking around barefoot or in minimalistic shoes.

This said, running is not just about the foot. The rest of the body must also adapt and change.

Learn more at our Running Technique Workshops how this change in style can transform your running. We promise it will be an exciting journey. For some, it will be life changing.

Our method draws on a deep understanding of the science behind movement, proprioception and neural drive.

What has shaped us, the animal kingdom, all living things, and our environment is the force of gravity. Our evolution over millions of years has been like a weapons race in efficiency to survive on planet Earth. Thus the Tree of Life has evolved as we animals have obtained better skills and efficiency. The Homo sapiens (humans) are the masters of that race in the animal kingdom.

Why us? Because in our making we utilised key bits of hardware such as the Achilles tendon, the Nuchal ligament in the neck, the loss of fur, sweat glands and the ability to stand up right on two legs. All these contributed to give us the edge over all other animals including similar species such as the Nethanderthal who were our closest cousins.

The relevance of standing up on two legs is one the biggest factors to our efficiency. It meant we had to become super elite balancers whilst at the same time it gave us a unique viewpoint within our environment.

This transformed our proprioceptive system, which is our body’s sense of its own position, balance and movement in space. This system now only had two reference points to sense its position and orientation from, the feet.

The proprioceptive system uses stretch and pressure receptors situated in the muscles, joints and skin to inform our brain how we are interacting with the environment around us.

It is no coincidence that our brain grew with the benefit of further stimulation in the nervous system by the feet gaining a larger pool of receptors, more than any other limb, to deal with the demand of balancing on two legs not four.


We provide a curriculum in physical development from the age of 7 year olds and upwards to the elite, through a deep understanding in human development.

This involves training all the senses in physical development. For children it is the building blocks to good will, fast thinking and great action. For the adult it is about training the missing links to further their performance.

What to expect

Step 1

In a session we are able to get to the very point of your experience in movement and how to obtain more potential through better posture, rhythm and relaxation – the ultimate strength.

With injury we are able to pinpoint root causes in movement issues then deal with them immediately.

Within 2 minutes we are able to show and allow you to feel where you have performance leaks, and within a session create a protocol to obtain consistency with this new performance benchmark. It’s a difference you will really feel.

We use slow motion video footage to allow you to visualise what is going on and get a total understanding. The body never lies and tells us everything we need to know and allow you a new vision on good form.

Step 2

We provide structured programs to allow your body to adapt and gain the skills to enhance your performance.

Group training is a big part of our philosophy. As one to one coaching is necessary, group training is essential. When effectively implemented it improves the overall spatial awareness of individuals, to give them necessary skills to perform better.

Step 3

We teach you self competiveness is the road to success through an acute and subconscious self awareness.

We leave no rock un-turned

Your potential is limitless, so is what you can achieve through our coaching.

What does it look like?

We use a whole host of techniques that look similar to Thai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander technique, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Strength & Conditioning, and Sports coaching. At the BFPA we have devised the BFPA Movement therapy and performance system that pulls on all these principles and taps into your physical intelligence.

Download our brochure on the packages we provide (2Mb)


One of our most recommended routes to training at the BFPA is the journey we provide below. In our experience we have found the skill of running to be the best indicator to the skill and fitness of all pursuits. This is why we start here.

Phase 1 – the skill of running

1st phase

Assessment and coaching to running technique

Group - 1 day BFPA Running technique Workshop £150

Individual – 3 hrs BFPA Running Technique Assessment & implimentation £270

2nd phase

6 week BFPA Running Technique Foundation Course

Group £540 for 12 sessions, nutrition package

Individual £1080 12 sessions, nutrition package

3rd phase

Entry to BFPA Running Club

4th phase

6 week BFPA Running Strength Performance Course

Group £540 for 12 sessions, performance nutrition programme

Individual £1080 12 sessions, performance nutrition progamme

5th phase

6 week BFPA Running Strength (Distance Specific) Performance Course

Group £540 for 12 sessions

Individual £1080 for 12 sessions

Phase 2 – Sport Specific

Download our Brochure for a detailed look at the packages we provide

Rollo has been working with a wide range of athletes as a performance coach since 2003.

Since gaining a Diploma in Sports Therapy through Premier Global, the leading vocational educators. Rollo has been studying and working with the leading coaches in many fields of expertise. This has given him a deep understanding of human development and performance. Since 2006, he has been at the forefront of barefoot science. Rollo’s specialist areas include:

  • • Movement & Running Technique Analysis
  • • Applied Functional Science in Sports Rehabilitation
  • • Movement & Running Technique Coaching
  • • Running Specific Strength Training
  • • Sports Movement Development Coaching

Rollo’s practice is based in central London and he works throughout the UK with many runners and a wide variety of athletes. He helps those with sports injuries as well as those who simply want to move well on a daily bases.

For the last six years Rollo has actively been growing awareness in the importance in children’s movement development and is actively participating in a four year games curriculum course to qualify as a movement, games and sports coach.

It was when he was looking for his own child’s footware when she started to walk that he realized how movement was been affected at the first step in every child. This engaged Rollo into the importance of barefoot science and the necessary education to give future generations a better footing.

He works with several London sports medical practices and other specialists while his knowledge of efficient biomechanics is reinforced by a keen instinct on how the body functions. Performance has been a constant in Rollo’s life. First as a professional racing sailor and now as a performance coach.


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